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0000361ODTBX - Matlab Codepublic2011-04-15 15:412011-06-06 19:56
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Summary0000361: Clean up filename convention
DescriptionODTBX has several conventions on filenames in current use (4/2011, r1247) that involve "CamelCase", "camelBack", underscores, numbers, capitalized and lower-case abbreviations, etc.

The wiki QACodingStandards [^]
has some guidelines but they're probably not detailed enough on file naming.

With the wider use of MATLAB classes it was suggested that perhaps we adopt a naming convention that helps distinguish between classes and functions.
Additional InformationThe current trends (and a 4/14/2011 CCB suggestion) seems to be generally:

1) All lower-case, with underscores if needed, for MATLAB functions or scripts.
2) Java-style "CamelCase" for MATLAB classes with no underscores.

Acronyms should be standardized in case and use for each.

(Fortunately, most of this work can be done with find and replace and svn renames.)
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abrown (administrator)
2011-04-27 19:55

Doing this so close before a release isn't desirable from a risk point of view. This affects function calls and therefore could easily create bugs, mainly with code that isn't well-covered by a regression test.

However, this could be worked any time after the release. The work could even be spread out over a development cycle in pieces. It should probably be done before the developer base gets a lot wider so we have a good standard in place.
abrown (administrator)
2011-05-16 18:39

Suggestion at CCB:
Class methods: lower-case first letter,

CamelCase: for class names
camelCase() : for method names

for attributes: (use non-CamelCase)
kberry (manager)
2011-06-06 19:27

To be worked on later (per CCB)

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