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0000456ODTBX - Matlab Codepublic2013-10-24 05:562014-11-25 05:01
Assigned Toravidavi 
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Summary0000456: Implement a reusable high-fidelity modeling architecture
DescriptionFrom the Task Mod 3 SoW:

Design and implement architecture for high fidelity modeling that maximizes functionality and reuse. Specific model enhancements shall include: clock and frequency reference modeling, Ionospheric and Tropospheric refraction, antenna phase center bias, component system delays and thermal effects, and time tag offsets. The new models shall be used to generate sample-tracking data from defined reference ephemerides for communication systems testing on future missions.
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related to 0000455closedpcanderson Abstract link budget functionality from gpsmeas 

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ravidavi (administrator)
2013-10-24 06:09

Jason Schmidt worked with Kenny and Cheryl Gramling to create a prioritized list of high-fidelity models. This list will be tackled from top down, and by CCB approval the items near the bottom may not make it into this release. However, algorithm description documents will be created for each model so that future implementation is made easier.
ravidavi (administrator)
2013-10-24 06:14

Kenny reported (on Sep 19) that several very important features are missing from tdrssmeas, and that Cheryl requests a full re-prioritization of work to implement these features before implementing the high-fidelity models. Because this is a fundamental scope change, it was thoroughly discussed and approved by the CCB and Cheryl. She understands and accepts that some high-fidelity models may not be implemented because of the additional work.
ravidavi (administrator)
2013-10-24 06:17

The current tdrssmeas is a basic implementation with some advanced features such as light time correction. Because the new improvements may be sensitive, they cannot be contributed to the public repository without approval. In the interest of minimizing code duplication, tdrssmeas will be split into two versions. The "basic" version will ONLY contain geometric computations and will be available to the public. The "full" version will be internal and will contain all realistic tdrss information and the new high-fidelity models.
ravidavi (administrator)
2013-10-25 18:59
edited on: 2013-10-25 19:05

Here is the prioritized list of models that will be tackled (as time permits) by Jason:

- Improved Ionosphere (yes for different frequencies and between satellites on orbit, refraction/signal bend)
- Improved Troposphere (different frequencies, refraction/signal bend)
- Improved Charged Particles (different frequencies and between sats on orbit, refraction/signal bend)
- Light Time of flight for all measurements [DONE BY MICHAEL DAVIES]
- relativistic effects (Steve Cooley and GMAT have these models)
- Clock model on receiver (Requires dynamic model, will be input to measurement model) [DONE BY MICHAEL DAVIES]
- GPS satellite clock bias [DONE BY MICHAEL DAVIES]
- Transceiver Component Delays (User defined in every node (GS, TDRSS, Receiver))
- GPS ephemeris errors (both PV and GPS sats clock bias/drift)
- We do have TDRSS ephem errors in, we need GS geodetic errors
- Thermal effects (can we get more specific? Affect clock bias/drift and Component Delays, CNO, function of whether in Sun/shadow)
- Antenna Phase Center Bias
- Tracking Loop Errors (random noise 1 meter stdev, this is the R value that is outputted)

ravidavi (administrator)
2013-11-25 16:30

The following work has been finished regarding the TDRSS improvements:
- Fix existing tdrssmeas
- Split into internal (hifi) and public (basic) versions
- HiFi ionosphere implementation
- Implement new link budget into tdrssmeas_basic
- Test using MATLAB's xUnit framework
See attached document for more details on completed work.

Per CCB approval, this work conditionally satisfies the SoW. The condition is that additional funds will be provided to add more HiFi models and include the new link budget in tdrssmeas_hifi.
ravidavi (administrator)
2014-11-25 05:01

Jessica Anderson has finished iononospheric refraction (GEONS model), tropospheric refraction (JAT model), charged particle delay (JAT model), and the relativistic clock model (GEONS model). Code has been committed to the internal repository.

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