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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00004573   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
featureassigned (rwcoon)2014-11-25Tracking data evaluation tools
  00004601   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
majorassigned (ravidavi)2014-11-25Undefined/unknown variables and functions in ODTBX
  00004581   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
featureassigned (ravidavi)2014-11-25Use NITS to demonstrate ODTBX-GMAT communication
  000045661 [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
featureassigned (ravidavi)2014-11-25Implement a reusable high-fidelity modeling architecture
  00004505   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
tweakfeedback (ravidavi)2014-05-28integev has redundant arguments related to event handling
  0000461    [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minornew2014-03-07repmat warning will become error in future release
  00004527   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
majorfeedback (ravidavi)2014-03-07Several Matlab utility functions now return column instead of row vectors.
  00004015   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minorassigned (ravidavi)2013-11-25Replacing repmat with bsxfun for vectorizing
  0000459    [ODTBX - Requirements]
featureassigned (rwcoon)2013-10-24Finalize NITS database schema
  000034652 [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
featureacknowledged (ravidavi)2013-10-24Object-Oriented ODTBX Redesign
  00002535   [ODTBX - Requirements]
minoracknowledged2013-10-21Re-architect all the estimators based on lessons learned
  0000454    [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
trivialassigned (kgetz)2013-09-09NDOSL
  0000413    [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
featureassigned (ravidavi)2013-02-21Create a standard for generic measurement schedules
  00004213   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged (kgetz)2013-02-21Regression test server license checkout failures are filling MESA log files
  00004371   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged (ravidavi)2013-01-07The testMeasPartials regression test fails on Matlab 2012b, but works on 2012a.
  00003133   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged2012-08-31Performance improvements: estspf
  0000312    [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged2012-08-31Performance improvements: estbat
  0000314    [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged2012-08-31Performance improvements: estrif
  00002572   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged (jgaebler)2012-08-31Create a simpler ESTVAL
  00003692   [ODTBX - Matlab Help Files]
minoracknowledged (kberry)2012-08-29NOSA header regression test
  00004291   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minorassigned (kgetz)2012-08-21Inconsistent results for montecarloseed_test on multiple platforms
  00004202   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
featureacknowledged (kgetz)2012-08-20Process noise should be an input/option in provided dynamics functions
  00004234   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged (carpente)2012-08-20montecarloseed_test fails due to changes in estbat
  00004053   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
majoracknowledged (kgetz)2012-08-06Appropriate handling of infinite a priori covariance in estbat
  0000415    [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minorassigned (jgaebler)2012-06-27gmatforces_km is not consistent with jatforces_km
  00003911   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged (carpente)2012-04-30Add ODTBX startup file to Distributed Computing folder on server
  00003613   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged2011-06-06Clean up filename convention
  0000322    [JAT]
minoracknowledged2010-12-06Jar file for JAT
  0000318    [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged2010-12-06Vectorized jatForces needs test
  00002235   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged (jgaebler)2010-11-24Mathworks bug in MonitorPosition and ScreenSize
  000030731 [JAT]
minoracknowledged2010-10-13LagrangianInterpolator gives very strange results
  00002881   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged2010-07-06Investigate the use of enumerated data types in the options data structure
  00002873   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged2010-07-06Compute and save measurement residuals (i.e., post-measurement update)
  00000992   [JAT]
minoracknowledged2010-04-13Investigate JAT2005 Validation Tools
  000026411 [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged2010-04-13Develop a method for creating GPSMEAS regression tests independent of Mike Moreau's code
  00002521   [ODTBX - Requirements]
minoracknowledged2010-03-16Reverse-engineer the implicit requirements that went into estseq, estbat, and estspf
  00002541   [ODTBX - Wiki Pages]
minoracknowledged2010-03-16Reorganize the ODTBX wiki to find things easier
  000018311 [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged (sun)2009-12-14gpsmeas default constellation
  0000214    [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
minoracknowledged2009-11-19Startup.m may need to be redesigned to better satisfy multiple environments
  00000655   [JAT]
minoracknowledged2009-09-02JAT/Matlab Exception Handling
  00000697   [ODTBX - Matlab Help Files]
featureacknowledged2009-06-11ODTBX Filter Training Module
  00000354   [ODTBX - Matlab Code]
featureacknowledged2009-06-11Incorporate PreRelease2 Validation Examples
  00000961   [ODTBX - Requirements]
majoracknowledged2009-03-05Requirements Cleanup for Release 3
  00001004   [JAT]
minoracknowledged2009-01-22Develop JAT Validation Dependency List


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